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  • South Atlantic City

    South Atlantic City

  • White Living Room

    Superior Designs

  • White Living Room

    Calming & Spacious Walkways

  • Underground Cables at South Atlantic City

    Underground Cables

  • First Class Social Amenities at South Atlantic City

    First Class Social Amenities

  • Healthy Lifestyle Amenities

    Healthy Lifestyle Facilities

  • Superb Interiors

    Superb Interiors

  • Serene and Green Community

    Serene and Green Community

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Welcome to South-Atlantic City

Introducing the new face of healthy urban living... "The South Atlantic City”. We specialize in building world class integrated gated communities fusing the vibrancy of urban living with the tranquility of a green sub-urban lifestyle offering it in the best of locations within the nation, Ghana and beyond. Simply stated ‘The South Atlantic City is an aesthetically and environmentally engineered community’.

South Atlantic City... Live The Dream!!!